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Proper mowing practices are essential in maintaining a quality lawn. Frequency and mowing at the proper height are two main factors in having a healthy looking lawn. This practice in conjunction with proper watering, facilitates the spreading of desired grasses in bare spots. Do not remove more than 1/3 grass height at one time.

Mowing heights: (1) Before green-up — 1 inch/scalp to remove dead grass. (2) Spring — 1½ inches. (3) Summer — 2 inches. (4) Fall — 2½ inches.

Another critical factor in mowing is maintaining a sharp mower blade. A sharp mower blade makes a clean cut, which heals quickly with a minimum of moisture loss. A dull mower blade makes a blunt, uneven, ragged and damaging cut which takes longer to heal. This can result in moisture loss, browning tips, and an increased risk of contracting disease.

Other good mowing practices include not mowing grass during the hottest part of a day or when the turf is showing signs of heat stress. A hot lawnmower going over a hot lawn during hot weather can cause heat stress, which can cause a browning effect within 24 hours.